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Conference with Lyssa Royal
May 20, 1995

Question: Lyssa, is your last name a pen name?

Lyssa: It's my real name...a real ex-married name, I should say!

Question: I am not terribly well-read on the subject of UFOs, but I've seen a lot of theories as to why everyone else in the galaxy has a huge, cooperative civilization with faster-than-light travel, telepathy, and all this stuff. It all seems rather excessive to account for a few night lights or whatever. I'm not saying there is no one out there, but are they really as advanced as some people seem to think and if so, how come we got left out until now?

I think we watch too much Star Trek! We simply don't hear about all the other civilizations like ours who can't communicate or travel through time/space. I suspect that we haven't really been left out but that rather we haven't either WANTED to be part of contact until now or we haven't been ABLE to perceive contact until now.

Who are the entities that you channel, Lyssa?

The one I channel primarily calls herself "Sasha." She is featured in most of the books and claims to be a female from the Pleiades. (Sasha isn't her real name. She says we would have difficulty pronouncing it). One other entity calls himself "Germane" who is a group consciousness and nonphysical. "He" gives a very galactic and transformational perspective on things. They are
the main ones. There are others that only occasionally make appearances. They don't like to focus a lot on "who" they are. Instead, they prefer to focus on the information they can share with us.

Do the channeled messages from Sasha and Germane differ much from your own beliefs?

When I first started channeling I had a lot of questions and those questions needed answers. That is why I became a channel, because I needed to find those answers for myself. I'm glad others find those answers interesting too. Over time, I learned from the ETs about their perspectives and some of their info became part of my own theories and research.

Lyssa, where in New Hampshire did you see your first sighting?

It was 1979 outside of Exeter, NH. Exeter was known for a high level of UFO activity, especially in the 1960s. Exeter is a town very close to Betty and Barney Hills' home. [The Betty and Barney Hill case from the 1960s was one of the first abduction cases revealed to the public]. It was a snowy night in October and I saw a big ball of orange/yellow light hovering in the woods across from my house. A "tear drop of fire" dropped from it and when I went outside it made a whirring noise that went from a low intensity to a high intensity. Then it vanished. I was only 18 at the time and my father wouldn't let me chase after it!

Have you ever been abducted?

People ask this question a lot because they feel that in order for me to have written the book Visitors from Within I must have been. To tell you the truth, I am not sure, though I suspect if I have, it isn't in the traditional "victim, scary" sense. I have had missing time experiences and strange things happen as well as weird body marks, but I don't know. I don't prefer to interpret
my experiences that way.

Your father witnessed the UFO. Did he accept what it was then? What about now?

I think it profoundly affected us all. Even though he tried to convince me it was something conventional, we used to go looking for UFOs when I was growing up! He didn't say much about it and was scared for me because I was so interested. Today he knows what I do and is somewhat interested. The irony is that since 1979 he has "accidentally" ran into people claiming to have
been chased by a UFO on the same night we had our sighting nearly 20 years ago!

You used to go looking for UFOs...Do you think part of you knew what was going to happen to you?

Yes. I think part of me knew the path ahead. I have just had too many UFO related experiences happen. The interest was just too strong.

There is a part of EACH of us that knows what lies ahead on our spiritual path. We just have to listen to that inner self.

Is it of intentional spiritual significance to have seen a UFO? Is there a communication between us and the ETs when these sightings happen, even though the craft might be miles away and just a dot in the sky?

I do think there is a significance. However, I don't want people to think it means that if you haven't seen a UFO that you are spiritually depraved! There are indications that sightings have a personal significance for the person who sees them and that the ETs are or might be aware that they are being seen. A lot more goes on than we realize and it doesn't necessarily conform to
our linear view of reality or time/space.

What do you think about Barbara Marciniak's Pleiadian books? Are you and your guides in accord with her channelings?

There are some very close correlations with some of Barbara's information, though we do differ in style, form, and personality. I've worked with her before and there does seem to be correlation in some of our material, but not all.

How do you receive your channeling? Do you think your skills are unique or is it something anyone can learn?

I do what I call semi-conscious channeling. This means that I don't leave my body, but I do go into an altered state. It feels like I am asleep and dreaming and when I wake up it feels dreamlike. I don't often remember what I've channeled. I chose to do it in a semi-conscious state because I didn't want to leave my body and miss all the fun! I wanted to benefit from the information
and the interactions with the audience. Yes, I do feel anyone can do it, though some people seem to have made agreements prior to birth. I was both contacted by an entity and formally trained to channel. I do teach channeling and so I think it is a skill anyone can learn. Some people are natural athletes and some people have to work at it. Channels are the same.

Have you heard about Charles Silva's Pleiadian contacts or contacts with Pleiadians who are blonde or Nordic looking?

Sasha says there are many different genotypes of Pleiadians, and the Nordics are only one. She has described herself as being very much like me in stature. She is about 5 foot tall, light skin, light brown almond-shaped eyes and says that is average for her genotype. The males can be small too (about 5'8") or large as well. Her group has some Terran (Earth) genetics in them and
that is another whole complex story!

Have you ever had a sudden ringing in your ears and felt that your ET friends were calling you or scanning your consciousness to see what kind of day you are having?

I get all sorts of weird stuff that happens. Sometimes I attribute it to "them," but often I just don't know. Sasha does tend to pop in from time to time and give me a dissertation (with my permission of course) on various topics of interest to me personally. It is like having my own little online service in my head.

What do Sasha and Germane see for the immediate future of Earth and its population?

In short, they feel we'll go through a difficult time as old paradigms break down to make way for the new. However, it doesn't have to be traumatic if we take responsibility for ourselves as a species and our home planet. They say that earth changes are entirely related to us and our state of consciousness. This means that if we choose to clear ourselves by moving through our fears, learn to handle our emotions, and take responsibility for our reality, we won't need to manifest the big earth changes.

How do you feel physically after you channel? Does the vibration of the entity affect you?

At first, when I learned to channel in 1984 I felt exhausted and drained afterward and my body went through all sorts of uncomfortable things like cramping in my hands and face. It wasn't a pretty sight, I assure you! Now, after I channel I feel invigorated as long as I've been channeling no longer than 1.5 - 2 hours at a stretch. If I channel longer than that it feels uncomfortable so I have to take breaks.

What constituted your personal proof of the validity of your experiences and messages?

Of course personal proof is always a subjective thing. I had personal revelations of things I had always wanted answers for. I had physical craft sightings. However, the most profound is that lately the info that I channeled for the book Preparing for Contact has begun to come true. Sasha began outlining techniques and patterns to the contact experience and I have begun following them, and my research team has begun getting the results that she suggested we would. That is tremendously exciting.

Sasha began telling me that soon we would begin seeing patterns in our contact research--meaning that we would go out in the field and the same type of low-level contacts would begin happening over and over again. Then she said other research teams would have the same results. It has begun happening. For instance, our pattern is that once we set up our research site, we begin to see what looks like "satellites." These very faint objects traverse the sky but they make strange changes in trajectory and when we signal them with 500,000 candle power halogen lights, they signal back in response.

This is now a predictably pattern and other research teams are experiencing it as well. When the objects return the signals, they illuminate to the brightness of Sirius or so. What is so notable to me is that from the high orbit these objects seem to be traversing, they can't see a light such as the ones we are using to signal. Therefore, we believe they are responding to our consciousness rather than our lights. This gives credence to our theories that consciousness is the unifying field and the common ground upon which we can meet.

Isn't there a danger of group abduction?

Our research teams believe in the old "like attracts like" philosophy. We know that if we put out a certain frame of mind, we will attract only productive, positive experiences. This state of mind/heart must not only be embraced mentally, but emotionally as well. Because of this, it requires time as a group to emotionally process unrecognized fears before we are ever able to be ready to become vulnerable in the field. This type of research isn't for everyone. So far in the field research we haven't had any "abductions" .... at least that we know of!

Are these beings in our dimension, or are they in another dimension?

Sasha claims to have a physical body, but not in the way we know physicality. She says her reality is in what she calls "fourth density." This means that her body is more light than ours, and our realities are not yet totally compatible, though she could make herself visible through technological devices if she needed to. So, as we transform ourselves and evolve, we become more "light" ... and are more able to match their frequency.

It seems like a great many of us have Pleiadian connections and my material suggests that we have some very ancient genetic ties to the Pleiadians, which is a long story.

Lyssa, I recently read your book Visitors from Within and it was very good. It really helped alleviate a lot of the fear that I had. I am working with a person who does not believe in aliens and at the age of 80 has started having abduction experiences. How can I help her resolve these experiences?

I suspect that even though it may seem like she just started the experiences, that she has had them all along. You might want to do some regressive work with her to first bring them out into the open, if that is not too traumatic for her. If she says she doesn't believe in aliens, it might be just a defense mechanism that you must allow her to maintain for her sanity. But as you work with her, she'll gradually validate her experiences by herself. As you know, there is a denial stage and that stage is important for the abductee to feel so they can feel in control. Honor this in her but still be there for her and she will make her own conclusions at some point. Also, it isn't necessary for aliens to be real or abductions to be true for the therapeutic effects of your work to have value. The mind often plays out many archetypal scenarios whose validation in physical reality is not necessary for healing to take place. The ancients (and the native peoples) knew this and encouraged these healing processes to take place through ritual ceremony, vision quests, and the type of deep emotional processing through imagery that today's professionals label "primitive" or "superstitious."

Can you discuss time travel, Pleiadian style?

I'll try to talk about it in a simplistic way so our linear minds can understand. Sasha, being from our future approx 300 years ahead, says that the way she time travels is to make an emotional connection with someone, some thing, or some event. This emotional connection serves as an anchor that can draw her or her people here.

Do you think Earth will left from 3D to 4D? Is that the end of the world as we "know" it?

The "end of the world" is really only the end of a paradigm. It doesn't mean death, only change. Aren't we all really ready for that?

If a craft lands in your back yard, tell me how do you know who is who? Who is on the Light Team and who is on the Dark Team? How suspicious should one be if this happens? I don't want to greet the bad guys -- ZAP! We could become TOAST or worse.

It really isn't just black and white. It is like saying all Russians or Iraqis are bad. They aren't all bad, and sometimes you can't tell from a distance. So, I think what we really need to be concerned about is how WE present OURSELVES as citizens of Earth. We must be the best ambassadors and representatives that we can...hold our own light...and trust that when we hold that light or good intention that we will only attract what is best for us. A negative encounter always teaches us about ourselves, and that isn't such a bad thing, either. All we have is our own integrity. If we sit in our homes in fear, we'll never evolve. Those of us who are pioneers must still take the chance. Even in times of war, America still needs ambassadors to the "enemy". Since we cannot control another, all we have is ourselves and it is up to us to create the kind of future we wish that isn't based in fear.

Sasha says that once we go "up there," we won't find a great differentiation between the races and species. It matters little to them. Our fears are our own, and they are based on our limited perceptions of reality. What we think we perceive about "them" is only a reflection of us, so our own evolution is crucial before we enter a vast galactic neighborhood that is teeming with life. In
all matters on earth or in space, we must act with dignity and integrity, respecting all life. With such a responsibility, there is no place for actions based in fear. Fear is the anchor that will keep us from the next frontier.

-- Lyssa Royal
May 20, 1995
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