First Contact

written by Lyssa Royal
Posted Sun, 6-Mar-1994 23:14:07 GMT

Lyssa Royal Holt

Lyssa Royal Holt is an internationally recognized author, lecturer and channel. She was raised in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. While getting her B.A. degree in Psychology, she developed an interest in hypnosis and learned to place herself in altered states of consciousness for the purpose of stress management. This ability helped her to develop the necessary skills for her later development as a channel.

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The following is an excerpt from Chapter 9, entitled "First Contact", from the book, "Visitors From Within", by Keith Priest and Lyssa Royal. ISBN 0-9631320-1-6. The questioners comments are indented. The Answers comes from the entity "Sasha".

The other ways that the contact is manifested (through windows and back doors in the consciousness) seem to be natural aspects of who we are. The whole spectrum seems to be natural. And yet it is also a spectrum that we've denied.

Yes. It is manifesting itself according to who you are.

So in a sense it is manifesting according to our denial, not our acceptance.

Yes, it can be looked at that way. If you were of an accepting nature, there would be no need to create blockages nor to break through various portions of the hose (hose refers to an anology about a garden hose mentioned earlier). Other civilizations are different in the ways they manifest first contact. Let us explore two case studies with you.

These case studies are taken from first-contact mission-team accounts from our race and others within the Association. The purpose of this is to demonstrate to you the differences in how societies evolve themselves toward embracing ET contact.


We will label the first example as Alpha-3. This planetary species was initially begun by the seeding of Lyran-based groups and left alone to develop its natural species identity. It was not necessary for this species to know throughout its evolution that they were seeded by a source external to their planet. It was not necessary because there was no longer any interaction with the seeding race. The Alpha-3 society was allowed a very free and natural evolutionary process un- tainted by any of the galactic dramas.

They naturally progressed through time to a stage of developing technology. During this time they developed equal balance between technology and spirituality, so they were expanding at a balanced rate. One could say that Alpha-3 was a textbook case of planetary evolution. In that sense it had very little drama and was well orchestrated. There was a period when this civilization became able to achieve space travel. Prior to this time they were watched very closely by some members of neighboring planetary systems. Before they actually left their planet, they were openly contacted. Let us describe this further.

Stage One

There are generally three stages of contact that occur with a species such as this. The first stage is telepathic contact with inhabitants of the planet. This is carried out approximately 50-100 years before the next stage is introduced. Telepathic contact is made with receptive individuals within the society. The telepathic contact is not saying, "We are here." It is instead a filtering of ideas about extraterrestrial beings that seemingly enter the imagination of the recipient and the normal flow of their life. This is reflected in society as, for instance, fictional works such as books that introduce the society to this idea.

Would this also include archetypal contact through symbology?

Yes. It is on the unseen levels of the humanoid mind.

Stage Two

Stage two is contact of a physical nature with the inhabitants when the physical crafts of other civilizations are seen in the skies. This is not presented in a threatening way. It is usually presented where there are large gatherings of people so that it becomes very quickly known.

Often there will also be experiences with these physical crafts. For example, let us say there is a forest fire that is very difficult to contain. The ET crafts come by and assist the firefighters to put out the fire; then they disappear. This is a demonstration of benevolence and is continued for a span of perhaps 25 years. Then stage three is initiated.

Stage Three

Stage three takes advantage of the progress made in stage two. After one of these instances when the craft had actually assisted with a disaster, the craft would land and come face to face with some of the inhabitants of the planet. That is first contact.

Those are the three main stages. The species from Alpha-3 encountered contact in such a fashion with no resistance or fear. It was simply a natural expression of evolution on a planetary scale.

We've had all three stages simultaneoulsly going on throughout our history, yes?

Yes, but stage two was not implemented on your planet in the same way because of your psychological make-up.

Stage one is still one of the most important phases going on. Did these people have drearns? What did they experience in their internal world?

Their dreams did not display alien creatures. Instead, their dreams had emotional content that went beyond what they were used to. They were filled with symbology. For instance, a dream may have an individual flying through the stars. Perhaps they come face to face with someone while they are flying. (These are very simple examples.) The person they contact in the dream will look like their own species. There is no sense of alienness. The alienness that you feel on your world is a reflection of the alienness you feel between each other. The inhabitants of Alpha-3 did not start out feeling there is anything "alien" going on.

So they were not a people who experienced alienation amongst themselves?


Did they experience astral travel to other planets or realms?

Yes, but it was all within the context of their own reality structure, so it never seemed alien.

Did they experience astral travel from ETs into their dream worlds?

Technically yes, but they had no way of knowing they were aliens.

During stage one, did the manifestation of astral contact take on a different theme?

Yes. The flavor of the astral contact in stage one began to demonstrate clearly and directly the idea of life and consciousness external to their world structure -- not alien, but external.

So the boundaries of their world simply expanded?


Did their stage-one experiences synchronize smoothly with the visual sightings of craft in stage two?

Yes. Within stage one the species first began with more abstract ideas of contact, which then filtered down into the physical realiy. For instance, in your society it would be translated as having books and movies that dealt in a positive, expanding way with the subject matter. During 50 to 100 years of this, the species then adopted a belief system that this was natural. Therefore, the first actual physical sightings in stage two were not a source of shock but a natural progression. They were also a source of great excitement.

So when they saw them, it was more a reaction of familiarity.


Did Alpha-3 have members of their own society who func- tioned as sociologists or philosophers who interpreted this phenomenon ?

They had members of their society --sociophilosophers, if you wish to call them that--who talked about the expanding boundaries of their society, but did not talk about these ships as meaning something symbolically. That would have meant the ships were outside of their reality. The ships were not alien. It was not like looking at something that seemingly doesn't belong and trying to figure it out, like your society does. The process was so natural and gradual that there was no reason to philosophize about it.

So the reason we try to interpret it is because we deny it.

Exactly. You see it as something unnatural. You see it as an aspect of your reality that is alien. It is the same reason why you attempt to interpret your dreams. You see your dreams as being alien to who you are.

So maybe an integral idea of helping us to explore this is to examine the idea of interpretation. We seem to be interpreting everything we come across. Are you saying that these people did not interpret their experience?

Correct. They did not question it, because it did not exist outside of them.

In stage two, when they saw these ships in the sky, did they know there were people inside who were from another planet?

Yes. Absolutely no question. It was accepted.

Were they curious about it? Did they want to meet them?

They were curious and excited. There were times of celebration when these ships would appear--not because they saw these ships as superior to them, but simply because they had been conditioned to accept the positivity of this experience. It was simply a source of great excitement. There was no resistance whatsoever. There was no fear, and no arguments between individuals in their society.

Was there verbal contact in stage three before physical contact occurred?


So stage two, which was purely visual, went right into stage three by the very act of a ship landing around the people and the occupants walking out and physically meeting the people on the planet?

Yes. Remember that stages one, two and three are superimposed over each other. During stage two, stage one is still occurring. They are not replaced by each other. So when stage two begins, the imaginative processes, the fiction, is still occurring. In this process they've already imagined the contents of the ships and the nature of the entities. Thus when the ships land in stage three, there is no surprise or fear. There is only acceptance and excitement.

It is kind of like being a Native American civilization and knowing that just over the ridge there is another community because you can see their smoke signals. You know they are there. Sometimes you send smoke signals back and forth to each other. But the day you meet is a celebration. Anything further on Alpha-3?

It seems pretty cut and dried. It is nothing like what occurs here!

Some of these stages occur here, but because of the level of resistance that your planet has, these stages have had to be al- tered. The resistance your planet is experiencing comes from your thousands of years of intermittent extraterrestrial contact as a primitive species.


Now then, we will share with you information about a culture that we will call Beta-4. Beta-4 is a civilization whose genetic connections are Vegan in nature. Their resistance to ET contact was very, very strong. They have a lot of fear. Let us give you their background.

Beta-4 began as a penal colony. There were no prison structures built; instead they were simply abandoned there. They were not left with a lot of equipment or knowledge. After a period of time they degenerated somewhat. Their population grew very rapidly and segmented itself. They later came together and began forming a planetary identity.

When they came together, they retained no knowledge of their origins except through mythology. However, there was an underlying emotional memory that was a reaction to the abandonment they had experienced as the early penal colony. This created in them an unconscious desire to have nothing to do with those who abandoned them.

After thousands of years of evolution, they developed a society that utilized technology. When they were approaching planetary consciousness, they then began to question the idea of whether to build devices to take themselves off the planet. The species pain was still there concerning their abandonment, so the drive to go back out into space was not strong. They had an intense curiosity to see what was out there, but at the same time the pain they felt thinking about it kept them from building any machines to take them off the planet.

Using the garden-hose analogy, because they were unwilling to look at this pain, they formed a blockage. This blockage stopped the natural flow of species evolution. The inhabitants of Beta-4 were ready at this point to be indoctrinated into the galactic community. The extraterrestrials who began coming to their planet knew it would be challenging to assimilate that planet to the greater reality. They knew there would be resistance.

The extraterrestrials began simply by flying ships into areas where there were many people. The ships were never seen. Their focus in perception was so tight that the Betans literally could not perceive the reality of these ships.

This was a period when there was still alot of conflict going on between the Lyran and Vegan empires. The extraterrestrials who were attempting communication with Beta-4 were aware that there was a possible threat coming because of these conflicts. It was imperative that contact be made. However, they tried many different ways to make contact but were unsuccessful. They tried landing; they tried approaching people. What ensued between the extraterrestrials and the Betans could be compared to a comedy on your world. It was as if they could not speak the same language. Any conversations made between these ETs and the Betans created total, absolute confusion.

From the point of view of the Betans, they were being talked to by a member of their own race. This member somehow was not able to communicate clearly. The Betan would simply walk away in confusion. The Betans would not see these ETs as being anything other than members of their own race. It was total limited vision. These encounters would shake the Betans very deeply internally, but because it was so abstract they would not discuss it amongst themselves. This phenomenon became something that could not enter the parameters of their reality.

Upon further consideration by the visiting extraterrestrials, it was understood that external attempts were fruitless. The next stage was to make internal attempts at communication. Originally the ETs had skipped the internal stages because the they thought the external stages would be more effective. However, they realized that they needed to utilize more internal methods of communication. This is where it becomes very surreal.

They began by entering the dream state of the Betans. Night after night every Betan was bombarded with dream imagery and communication from this ET intelligence. The Betans deliberately resisted this information, and a strain on their psyches was created. It got to the point where the pressure was so great that -- using the garden-hose analogy -- there had to be a bursting point.

The bursting point manifested itself as what you call "poltergeist activity." Strange things began happening in the reality of just about every individual on the planet. First it began with the individuals who were more spiritual in nature because they were the more receptive. Then it happened to every member of society. Translating this into your reality, this poltergeist phenomenon would take the form of strange images on the television, confusing messages printed on computer screens, and bizarre recordings on magnetic tape. These manifestations were created by the Betans' own minds as they attempted to hold back the communication. The phenomenon was not created by the extraterrestrials themselves. The psychic energy the Betans were withholding was actually being channeled into other media through which the communication could occur.

It got to the point where the stress became too much. When this occurred, the entire framework of their reality paradigm crumbled. It would be as if they were walking outside and everything was normal, and suddenly they felt a disorientation and then experienced a blackout or fainting spell; when they woke up, their reality paradigm was different. Suddenly they were able to see the ships. They were able to communicate between each other about what was going on. The ships remained in the distance for some time until individuals on Beta-4 were able to talk amongst themselves about the reality of this extraterrestrial presence. Then the ETs began to come closer.

Did the Betans think they were going mad?

Yes. Each individual, not wanting to talk about it, felt an extreme amount of stress which got worse and worse.

Now you have two examples of contact scenarios within your galactic family. One may ask then, "How do we on Earth fit into this?" Again, you are not as clear-cut. The examples we gave were of two civilizations who were of opposite polarity. Using the Alpha-3 contact program as an example, you are receiving stage one and stage three. Stage two has deliberately been altered for you because of your past dependence on extraterrestrial assistance.

Comparing you to the Beta-4 contacts, you experience a great amount of fear on archetypal levels that results in your shutting down to the reality of many things. Those of you experiencing the most fear on your planet are literally not seeing these physical ships when they are present.

The Zeta Reticuli are using stage one of the Alpha-3 program and to some degree, stage three. They are not so much interested in stage two. The Pleiadian civilizations in the past have been the ones to interact with you in the stage-two scenario.

The Zeta Reticuli are not really interested in stage one. They want to go right to stage three, but they must go through stage one.

Yes. Because their reality is so alien to yours, the only way at this point that you can synthesize their energy is by starting at stage one on the archetypal level.

As we expenence the visitor phenomenon, sometimes it must come to us and we must interact with it within the parameters of our archetypal realities, our elemental realities, and within the deep parts of our minds that we've pushed down and denied. We must go to that stage to meet them. We experience many things that we don't know how to incorporate into our daily lives. Do the visitors also experience to some degree what we are ex- periencing? Is communicating with us a new expenence for them? Do they come into our reality thinking they are going to take some samples and then all of a sudden they experience archetypes, elementals, and denied realities?

You are affecting the Zeta Reticuli in the same way they are affecting you. You have heard it stated that both of you are facing your innermost primal fears as you deal with each other. This is the case. The way it manifests for the Zeta Reticuli is that at times their group mind will have the sensation or the illusion of experiencing individuality. It is kind of like a fantasy or a species dream about individuality. It is extremely shocking to their mass mind.

Would it be like a hallucination?

It is like a spontaneous thought that is quite intense.

So it is not simply the contactees experiencing archetypal fears. The visitors also experience their archetypal aspects when they contact us.

Yes. And we would say at this point that you are more successfully facing these archetypal fears than they are. Let us give you an example. The Zeta Reticuli have an ability to shift their focus from one body to another. Let us say you have a Zeta standing by a doorway and one leaning over an abductee. The one near the abductee can at will move his focus into the one who is standing at the door. During an abduction situation, the Zeta Reticuli have had the experience of spontaneously switching their focus from being the abductor to being the human abductee! It is instantaneous and it lasts only for a moment. But they get a taste of the type of fear that they've denied for quite some time.

If the focus becomes too uncomfortable for the Zeta during an abduction experience, they can switch the focus away from the one leaning over the abductee in order to avoid the experience?

Yes, exactly. The Zeta Reticuli are very good at avoidance. Yet they do not see it as avoidance in any way. They see it as adaptation.

Is the Zeta mass mind experiencing, in a sense, intrusion of its reality by us?

Yes. In previous chapters it was stated that you are visitors from within them. This is what we are referring to. These spontaneous and seemingly uncontrolled experiences they have regarding you are equal in intensity to the experiences that you have with them. It is shocking. It is frightening. And at this point it is not yet understood by them.

The Zeta Reticuli have rationalized that the shocks they experience when interacting with you are a product of you and the nature of your reality. They do not yet see any connection with themselves at this point concerning their own transformation.

One of the purposes of their being here is to experience these shocks and be transformed.

Exactly. Just as you are discovering the purpose of their in- teraction with you, they are in the process of discovering the ultimate purpose for your interaction with them.

Are they capable of speaking about this ?

They are not aware of this at this time.

So it would do no good to ask them about their unexpected visions?

Correct. We would not suggest it at this time. It is premature. All that we have said so far is enough to assist individuals who are having contact to take the next natural step.

Is the visitor phenomenon occurring in areas that we don't suspect?

The contact phenomenon is coming to your world from many, many angles. Though there is denial, there is also integration. You are literally seeing it in nearly every phase of your development.

What is the reason for our denial?

One reason is the remembrance of the pain that extraterrestrial contact has caused you in your past--the fears of abandonment, the desire for salvation, the dysfunctional family systems that you were a part of with your forefathers. It is a desire to resist that experience in order to keep the pain away.

For this reason we have given an example of two different civilizations and the processes they went throough in getting themselves ready for contact. Your civilization is a combination of the two, though you will also incorporate more individualistic qualities toward your acceptance of contact because of your sociological development.

We have also talked about how you as a terrestrial civilization are making first contact yourselves with another civilization--the Zeta Reticuli. It doesn't matter that they have come to you. You are opening contact with them by being who you are. You are initiating an intergalactic relationship by your agreement to interact with them. This agreement will continue. However, it will grow and change as you grow and change. Your evolution is intricately entwined.

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