Sperm Whales:
Making Contact

Sasha Through Lyssa Royal

We have been speaking to you for quite some time about the idea of preparing for contact--contact meaning with ETs specifically. But we will get to that in a moment. One of the steps that was recommended in preparing for contact has to do with establishing interspecies communication the likes of which has not yet been established upon your world. For as you work with an "alien" species here upon your own world in your own seas, it trains you to be able to make contact with other lifeforms. Thus, this will give you significant training to reach for the stars and allow humankind to move into a new age of cosmic understanding.

Let us first address the idea of making contact. Making contact simply means contacting a consciousness that appears to be separate from yourself. Therefore contacting any other species (whether it be cetacean, wolf, or elephant) is a form of making contact. Making contact can also include making contact with beings not from your world -- ETs, if you will. It can also mean making contact with others from other dimensional realities. But ultimately, what making contact means is making contact with a portion of yourself.

The whole idea then of establishing contact with another species such as cetacean is one whose time has come on Earth. It is appropriate now that as you are more and more seeking every day to make contact with yourself, that you reach out to other mirrors of yourself who can bring another portion of you home within yourself.

In the years 1994 and 1995 the energy of your mass consciousness will be accelerating toward the idea of making contact with itself -- of discovering parts of itself it has heretofore not wanted to see and has (whether consciously or unconsciously) kept hidden. Therefore, projects of outreach dealing with ETs and cetaceans are perfectly timed in the next two years because the momentum will be such that the mass consciousness will be craving that type of contact in order to make peace with itself.

We have spoken about your Earth ecosystem simply being a balanced holistic unit. So is it in the cosmos as well. This reaching out for contact with other species in your oceans (your Earth alien species, if you will) is extremely, extremely important in this time period now in Earth's development. In fact, it is this outreach that will assist greatly in humankind contacting itself, seeing its own reflection, and beginning the healing process.

Now we understand that the question has been asked how the sperm whales in particular have a significance to the contact program. First and foremost we are going to divide your world into two segments. The First World and the Second World. The First World is the cultural time period that existed prior to the flood, approximately 11,000 years ago. The Second World occurred after this flood until present day. You are going to soon enter what we could call the Third World.

Within the First World, there is very little of record left that humankind can tap into in order to understand what that First World was like. For that First World was the beginning of humanity itself--not only the beginning of Homo Sapiens, but it was also the beginning of intercultural relationships between human and ET, human and cetacean. It was a very promising time period for your planet. But as you know, that time period did not successfully transition into the Second World, and thus there has been a break in history.

Because very little records exist from the First World, there have had to be keepers of the knowledge from the First World that can be released when necessary. These records do not necessarily take the form of stone tablets and scrolls (although some do, even through they have not been discovered as of yet). These records are more stored within living memory banks--memory banks who swim your seas and have a wise and gentle consciousness who, in their infinite connection with the mass consciousness and the ecosystem, continually serve as an unconscious reminder of these records and memories from the First World and the very beginnings of humanity itself.

The sperm whale has a unique function in the role of the cosmic picture. They are the repositories of this ancient knowledge in the form of holographic imagery locked within their very huge brain. The sperm whale swims the seas (symbolically representing the unconscious) activating memory, triggering the recognition of this ancient knowledge, even if it does not filter into the conscious mind. So then, you can look at a project of contacting sperm whales ultimately as meaning contacting the unconscious--making the cycle complete between the conscious and unconscious minds so that was once hidden in the unconscious can now come into the light. As you succeed in making connection with these magnificent beings you ultimately trigger a connection with your own unconscious. As your civilization begins entering the Third World, you then open the door to the First World. That energy, that wisdom will support you in your next transition upon this world.

The sperm whale, in their massive size, has kept much of this information locked within their cells. Because of their size, they have been well protected from being preyed upon by other species. It is unfortunate however, that it has been man who has preyed upon the sperm whale. You can look at the massive whaling industry in the past (which was targeted toward the sperm whale) as the establishment attempting, once and for all, to sever the connection to the First World. It has not succeeded. This is indication that your connection with the First World will not be severed. The sperm whale are now repopulating themselves and because of this, the knowledge will be held, kept, and transmitted easily as you pass into the Third World. Making contact now is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the future of humanity. As long as you wish to become a planetary people, you must include within that vision the most ancient people there are--those who live beneath the sea.

Q: It seems to be that roughly the same time period when we were rapidly on our way to killing off many whales, we were also killing many indigenous peoples and intentionally wiping out the knowledge those people held.

That is correct. You can also look at the sperm whale as being an indigenous species. This drive toward expansion in the last several hundred years has also been a drive toward wiping out indigenous people. The collective belief was simply that mankind could not flourish as long as the First World memories were still there. This is an erroneous belief, however, it was a fear that nearly wiped out the indigenous populations of the land and the sea. These populations, for the most part, will now flourish if they so choose to do so.

Q: What are some of the unique qualities of the sperm whale in comparison to other cetaceans?

One of the main qualities is simply the structure of the sperm whale brain itself. Not much is known about cetacean brains on your world, because to some degree their abilities surpass humans. It is not so much that the brain surpass human ability, it is simply the difference between a muscle that is exercised frequently and a flaccid muscle that is never used. The human brain in that sense, has abilities that are infrequently used and validated. In the sperm whale reality, their brain usage (in terms of percentage) is very high. These abilities have to do with holographic thought, multidimensional communication, and telepathic communication.

Whereas humankind projects reality externally and lives in the external projection, the sperm whale and other cetaceans in a sense project reality inward and though they swim through your seas, their inner life is as active as your external life would ever hope to be. So the sperm whale, in comparison to other species, has a much stronger brain capacity and therefore to some degree can seem more alien because of what they can do and perceive. They have been silent watchers in your seas, and not much has been discovered about them. In one sense, there is much more known about the cetaceans of the dolphins and orca. The sperm whale remains a mystery to you and is likely to remain one for some time until science begins to understand a little bit more about the brain as being a transceiver for interdimensional energy.

Though many of the whale species do hold the knowledge from the First World (or are receptacles for it), most of the other whale species hold portions of that knowledge. The sperm whale holds the entire holographic matrix of the information from the First World.

Q: So the brain is like a giant holographic switchboard.


Q: And the past can be accessed through their brains?

It would be more difficult for humans to project into the sperm whale brain. It is more likely that the sperm whale will emit a frequency that will not be understood or recognized consciously, but that in this frequency will trigger the cells within the human brain to begin unlocking its own multidimensional information. If you will, it is like a giant transmitting station.

Q: Do the ETs communicate much to the whales and sperm whales?

Oh, yes. You had a movie, the fourth Star Trek movie, which dealt with whales. That was very much of a primer to introduce the idea of the whale consciousness into your conscious mind awareness. We ETs, when we make contact with an alien world for the first time, it is common practice for us to first contact the oldest continual species on the planet. And so for us, we first made contact on your world with the dolphins and the whales even before we made contact with the indigenous human population.

It is a matter of respect for us. For when we make contact, we must respect the elders. We always communicate with the elders first. In this case, the whales are the elders.

Q: Any particular species?

It really depends upon the nature of the contact. However, generally the sperm whale, being the largest brain, is communicated with first. Being the switchboard, the communication is then relayed outward into other species such as the humpback and the dolphins, etc.

Q: Is the brain of the sperm whale larger than that of the blue whale?

Yes. It also has a higher capacity for processing.

Q: So what is the communication like? What happens?

You must understand that for us to describe it would be very alien to you. It is not words. It is a simply introduction of ourselves in consciousness to them in consciousness, and a recognition of them as the elders. It is a tentative communication with deep, deep, respect. They are worthy of that. It is a recognition of the creator in them as being equal to the creator within us. To us, it is another portion of ourselves. In a sense, we communicate in whale language or whale thought.

Q: Do you perceive them to be from Sirius? How do you see the Sirius connection?

We do not necessarily like to say they are from Sirius, because that gets one caught. However, Sirius has played a major role for your planet's development. Some of the entities from Sirius who once had human form felt they could no longer remain as guardians of the Earth in human form because of the politics occurring. So many of these Sirius elders thus chose to incarnate in the form of whale and dolphin to be watchers. That is one idea. Another idea is that simply some nonphysical consciousness from the Sirius realm in very ancient time chose not to be human and immediately projected into the form of the water elders upon Earth. They have remained that way, gently guiding humanity toward its potential, like a nurturing mother might do so, in the least intrusive way possible.

There have been other ET species who have incarnated into the whale form and one would be Pleiadian, one would be Essassani. In a sense, the Essassani life form, as expressed on Earth, is much closer to cetacean than it is to human.

Q: It takes more than one incarnate to run a whale!

A group soul, yes. Always remember that [when you are contacting cetaceans] what you are reaching out to is a portion of yourself. Be of a playful nature in discovering this portion of yourself, for play is much closer to the whale reality. Therefore, it can be the beginnings of a common language. Always see them as a part of you. Treat them as respected elders. This does not mean distance yourself from them--but know that there is much they can teach you. Some of it may be conscious and some may be unconscious. They have been looking for quite some time to find willing humans to engage in learning, growing, and play.

Q: For those of us on land, how do we make the connection with the whales?

It is actually very, very easy. The sperm whale consciousness is not bound by time and space. To some degree, it is even more easy to contact them than dolphins. Since these elders from the First World have been here for so long, their frequency has become background noise. Their frequency is very easily hooked into. Simply, before you go to sleep at night, imagine the great body of a sperm whale, its vastness, its smoothness, and its wise and gentle eyes. Imagine it swimming in a deep ocean. Feel the smoothness of its body as it passes through the water swimming gently. Become a sperm whale in your imagination. This will open the doors necessary for you to begin communication with this great being. Communication will most likely first occur in the dream state. You may not even recognize it as communication from the whales for it may take different form in the dream. We would suggest that before anyone does a project of communicating with sperm whales physically that you first do this exercise, if possible, for months before you go to sleep. Then go out in the field. For those of you who wish to explore this form of profound communication, you are in for some wonderful, miraculous surprises!

By Royal Priest Research.