Tools for the coming changes

Germane Through Lyssa Royal

We have been talking about some of the physical changes that your bodies are going through and will go through as your vibrations accelerate. Let us first address the physical level. What kind of physical changes can you expect? What can you do to help facilitate the process in a much more easy way?

Well, the primary change is in the electrical system of the body. The human electrical system is one that you don't necessarily consciously know is operating all of the time. The electrical field of your body is literally the energy that translates spirit to matter. You are 90 some-odd percent water, so the electrical current is always running through your body. Now, the voltage is going to be upped. So, plan accordingly.

This means that water will become perhaps more important to you than it ever has. Not just the ingesting of it, but the submersion in it (whether it be your baths, your showers, your jacuzzis) is becoming very important. Also, the presence of water, either in your auric field or in your sacred space (your home) is essential. So our suggestion then would be that you drink as much water as you can, preferably water than is not from the tap but purified or reverse osmosis, whatever your choice is. We would recommend distilled or purified, but you will know what is right for you. Remember to eat foods that have a high water content. That will be fruits and vegetables.

Also, allow yourself to feel fluid. This is rather abstract, but anytime you're feeling fatigued or raw emotionally, imagine yourself as being a river, a current. The more you can imagine yourself fluidly moving like water, the more you're going to facilitate the electrical changes that your body and the planet are going through.

Another suggestion (other than ingestation), is to keep water close to you if you can. (No need to get neurotic about this, because nothing will happen to you if you don't do it). There is some jewelry, for instance, that incorporates water. If you feel attracted to that, wear some of it. The water will then be in your auric field. You may also sit by a lake, put your feet in the water, or fill your bathtub. The closer that you can get to the water when you feel you need recharging will be very, very helpful for you. Use your imagination! You may also use the sound of water, since your sense of hearing will trigger you in the same way.

Showering and bathing is also a wonderful way to get your daily dose of water. The water will clear out the electromagnetic field. When you bathe or shower, it helps to release emotional toxins which will then help to keep you clear. If you want to put crystals in your bath, that's perfectly fine.

Several of these ideas are ideal if you live in an urban environment. You may want to create in your apartment a small water environment. You can get one of those fishtanks, fill it with water and pretty stones and crystals and whatever you want to put in there, so that it feels like a peaceful place to you. Put it next to your bed or put it somewhere in your home where you can look at it, and you can feel the environment of that water. It will be a conversation piece as well -- we guarantee you. That's one idea. You may even want to get some fish. The body is going to respond well to this water in your presence and continue the process of cleaning itself out and boosting the voltage of the electrical field.

You're clearing out the toxins of the third density. There are foundational qualities of 3D that are going to be transformed into 4D as you become clear. Many of the fourth-density planets have very large amounts of water. Actually, your planet is somewhat unique to have so much water in a third-density reality.

Your planet is also a consciousness of which you are a part. You are symbiotic. And you reflect each other in your own transformations. So, your planet also recognizes its need for water. Even though it looks like you all are creating this horrible hole in the ozone layer, you are in reality assisting the planet to melt the icecaps to get the water it needs. So, again, it's all connected. Your planet is also going to be doing what it needs to do to get the water that it needs.

Along with water comes detoxification. Many of you already are on programs of detoxification. We cannot tell you how much this will benefit you. It's very beneficial to you to go through some type of detoxification program (whatever one works for you), whether it's colonics or juicing or fasting, or very specific types of strict diets, it's up to you. But in the long run, it's going to be a tremendous boost to your body and to your electrical system because there will be less interference. Toxins can be seen as electrical interference.

We have often been asked if electrical appliances are harmful to human beings. If you are a normal person with a normal television and a normal microwave, it's not going to do enough damage that you would even notice it, if it does any at all. Now, of course, if you're living under major power lines, that might be a little bit much in terms of energy.

If you use a computer a lot, there are several options available to you. You could get a computer that has a liquid crystal display screen, LCD screen; you see these on your laptops. That's an optimum situation. If you can't do that, on the market there are radiation screens, and these can be put over your CRT screen and they can significantly reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to. The radiation is not going to damage you, but it can slow the detoxification and healing process if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer every day.

Approximately four hours at one sitting at the computer (without getting up), can significantly slow your own healing abilities. Now, we do have to state here that we are talking in generalities and that all of this is dependent on your belief system. If you truly (on all levels of your being) believe that nothing outside of you can effect your health, then you can live under a power line and sleep with your computer, and it's certainly not going to do anything. So, these are guidelines, and the ultimate voice is your own belief system, and that's very important to stress.

We have gotten questions from many people also about the teachings of other channels and health practioners. Many say to throw your TVs, computers and microwave ovens away. Each entity and each channel has their own belief system through which information comes. Look at the different things that you have learned in your growth. If you truly believe in the idea that you create your reality and no one can be a victim, then you cannot subscribe to the idea of something outside of you affecting you. It's got to be one or the other. If you really don't believe that you create your reality and you believe you can be a victim, then absolutely anything can hurt you.

Now, as to why that fearful and limiting information is said, that is for others to answer. But what we can say is that it is valuable that it be said, because it makes you think. From our point of view, when this type of fearful information is given, you are faced with an opportunity to think about what you really want to believe in, instead of listening to an outside source without checking it with your own self.

Information that is fearful and negative allows you to process your own fears. We have always said that information is meant to be taken as information only, information to be added to your storehouse, information to make you think. Information that we bring through is not channeled so you will believe us, but so you will take what is given and learn to grow from it by discovering your own truth.

It is not our understanding that you will ever, ever be affected by anything outside of you unless you hold a belief system that it can and that you can be victimized. And so this is about processing belief systems. This is about learning sovereignty, where you are the only creator of your reality. No television, no computer creates that. And certainly no evil government with a sinister plot! The power is within you. As soon as that is recognized and owned, there will be no more victims, and no more sinister plots. Your self-responsibility will set you free!

*This is an excerpt from Tape #115, Tools for the Coming Changes